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Every big adventure starts with a baby step.

The Shooshoos™ story starts 3 million* pairs of shoes ago, when our little family had a big idea. "Let's get idle hands busy making happy shoes for baby feet."

So we set about teaching people from disadvantaged communities to uplift themselves. We shared skills. We shared stories. Step by step, we got better – at making shoes, friends and a name for ourselves as the best baby shoes for little growing feet.

*and counting - today Shooshoos™ make their way from South Africa to 15 countries around the World.

We've come a long way, baby.

Back in 1996, quality, comfortable, affordable and stylish shoes for babies and toddlers were few and far between. We've been changing that one pair of piggies at a time and some pretty important folks have been kind enough to recognise the strides we've made. Mothercare International named us a leading leather baby shoe brand and the iParenting Media Awards have awarded us no less than three times. Yes, we're bragging. Right now. But that's enough of that.

Where we put our foot down.

No toxic bits, no harmful substances and never, ever, ever (who said never say never?) anything but 100% absolutely, definitely, guaranteed handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa. We pinkie swear on it, the SABS and UK Bureau of Standards stake their reputation on it - and who are we to argue?

The stinky truth (and how we're dealing with it).

Baby feet sweat. It's adorable, but less than hygienic. Shooshoos™ take care of that with cushioned insoles and breathable leathers that keep little soles dry and soft as, well... you know...

Baby feet are made of nose?

It's a fact - growing baby feet are mostly cartilage, the same squidgy stuff that you'll find pointing out of the middle of your face. It's supportive tissue, but still really easy to push around - that's why it's so important for the soles on baby's shoes to be soft and bendy. Every pair of Shooshoos™ to leave our factory are supple-soled enough to give a family of contortionists a run for their money.


Stumble Resistant! Firm but forgiving construction for less tumbles from tip to toe.

No Nasty Stuff! Non-toxic, all-tested and 100% safe.

Famous with Parents! We've won three iParenting Media Awards and have been selected by Mothercare International (550 Stores worldwide) as a leading leather baby shoe brand.

Wiggle Ready! Elasticised ankles help make Shooshoos™ easy to put on and sure to stay on.

Finger Friendly! Buckles, straps and fastenings are soft enough for little digits to fidget with, while laces and lacings are always engineered to avoid tripping little feet up.




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